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o money, you’ll stop there w●hile you’re here.I’

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ll write you

a chit t●o the manager at once.” Had we rented

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me private estate we could not▓ have been more comf

young13 14year中国

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ciled t●han in the Sailors’ Home of Chittagong.The

young13 14year中国

●city itself was a garden-spot, the Home a pict▓u

resque white bungalow, set i▓n the edge of the forest on the river ●bank.The broad lawn before i▓t was several acres in extent, ▓the graveled walk led through p●atches of brilliant flowers.● Within, the building was furnished a▓lmost extravagantly.The library numbered▓ fully a thousand volumes—by no means conf●ined to the output of mission ●publishing houses—in one corne●r were ranged the latest English and ●American magazines, their leaves still ▓uncut.The parlor was carpete▓d with mats, the dining-room f▓urnished with punkahs.In the re▓creation room, instead of a dozen broken ●and greasy chec

kerboards, stood a pool-table, an●d—comble de comb

young13 14year中国

les—a piano! ▓ Three native servants, hou▓sed in an adjoining cottage, were a

  • t our ●beck and call.For, though weeks had passed s●ince the Home had sheltered a gues▓t, everything wa

    s as ready for our ac▓commodation as though the ma●nager—for once a babu—had ▓been living in daily expectation of▓ our

  • arrival. An hour afte●r our installation, we were reclining in▓ veranda chairs with our feet on the

    railing●, watching the cook in hot pur▓suit of one of the chickens that● was doomed to appear before us in th●e ev

young13 14year中国

  • young13 14year中国

    ening currie, when a white▓ man turned into the grounds and advanced listl●essly, swinging his c

  • young13 14year中国

    ane and striking off a hea●d here and there among the tall flowers tha▓t bordered the route.Once

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    in th●e shade of the bungalow, he sprang up the ste▓ps with outstretched hand, and●, having vo

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